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24 Aroma – Duo Kit

This intermediate Kit combines the aromas presented in the Red Wine and the White Wine Kit. These 24 aromas/reference molecules are directly linked to the molecular composition of red and white wine (including Champagne). They enable the 24 most common aromas found in red and White wine to be memorized and identified. Memorizing these aromas provides an accurate and coherent vocabulary to further stimulate our appreciation of fine wines.
Two beautifully illustrated manuals accompany the kit covering the Le Nez du Vin instruction method, as well as a detailed description of each aroma, its corresponding molecule and a listing of wines in which they can be found.
- 24 Aroma Vials
- 1 Instructional Manual
- 2 Aroma Guide
- Presented In a Large Cloth-Bound Book
Aroma List:
01) Lemon, 02) Grapefruit, 03) Pineapple, 04) Lychee,
05) Muscat, 06) Pear,07) Strawberry 08) Raspberry,
09) Blackcurrant, 10) Blackberry, 11) Cherry, 12) Hawthorn,
13) Honey,14) Violet, 15) Green Pepper, 16) Truffle,
17) Liquorice, 18) Blackcurrant Bud, 19) Vanilla, 20) Pepper,
21) Butter, 22) Toast, 23) Roasted Hazelnut, 24) Smoked

Manufacturing date: May 2016. Presented in a cloth-bound case
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